Our Brewing Philosophy

At Two Islands Brewing our philosophy is to brew approachable, easy drinking beers that can be enjoyed
equally by serious craft beer lovers and the person who just enjoys an ocassional beer. 
We produce five flagship beers and a number of seasonals for your enjoyment. 

We Ship Across Canada

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favourite beers or merchandise.

Our Flagship Beers

  • By the Bay Blonde Ale

    5%ABV; IBU 13

    By the Bay Blonde Ale

    Our lightest beer! A smooth, light-bodied, thirst-quenching example of craft beer with a clean and refreshing finish. Delicious anywhere, any time.

  • Sailor's Delight Irish Red

    5%ABV; IBU 15.5

    Sailors Delight Irish Red

    Our Irish Red is an easy-drinking pint with an inviting bouquet of caramel, fruit, and nutty toffee with lingering malty notes and that classic reddish hue. A balanced and approachable pint for everyone!

  • Fundy Fog APA

    5.8%ABV; IBU 32.8

    Fundy Fog APA

    Our "American Pale Ale" is satisfyingly hoppy from generous dry-hop additions of Pacific Northwest hop flowers. Forward notes of citrus, fruit, grass, and pine are balanced with lightly toasted, bready malt character that will have you hopping for more!

  • Parrsboro Porter

    5.8%ABV; IBU 32

    Parrsboro Porter

    Take a step into the dark side! As black as night, like the basalt of Two Islands, with deep red hue and a flavour profile to match. Chocolate, dark roasted malts, dried fruit, burnt caramel, and coffee dominate an impossibly satisfying and crisp finish.

  • Bohemian Pilsner

    4.8%ABV; IBU 32

    Bohemian Pilsner

    Light in body and color this Czech style pilsner tends to be dry and crisp with a slightly lingering bitterness and high carbonation that pours with a pure white head. A delicious summer beer when one is never enough.

Our Seasonal Beers

Mango Weisse: 5.6%ABV;  IBU 14
A new take on a Bavarian-style wheat beer with a second fermentation on delicious mango fruit.  Full, smooth, rounded, clean and refreshing mouthfeel with a tropical wave of mango and underlying notes of banana, spice, and citrus.

HefeWeizen: 4.9%ABV;  IBU 13
A rich warm golden coloured, easy drinking German stryle wheat beer that is a cool and refreshing choice with a well rounded clean refreshing taste.

Blueberry Weisse: 5.3%ABV;  IBU 12
A delicious seasonal appraoch to a fruit wheat beer.  Our Blueberry  Weisse beer is hand crafted using locally grown wild blueberries that produce a pronounced blueberry flavour and colour, a great choice for late summer blueberry harvest.

Eagle Island Bock: 6.5% ABV; IBU 24
Bockbier is a strong lager beer of German origin, a malty, lightly hopped ale first brewed in the 14th century.  The rich colour and higher alcohol levels make this the perfect winter warming beer.